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No more PEN and PAPER Sign-in sheets!

The Case Study about West Tennessee Healtcare published by our partner, rf IDEAS, discusses the Challenge, Solution and Benefits/Results. Given its success, West Tennessee Healthcare is expanding the i-Attend solution into more healthcare facilities to enhance ongoing education and training seamlessly, successfully, and securely.

i-Attend software combines the proven technology of RFID and QR code, and robust, scalable web-based and mobile applications to track attendance at events, seminars, conferences or meetings of any size. Create beautiful registration pages, send out surveys, generate name badges, distribute certificates to your attendees. This solution was designed from the ground up to improve efficiency, provide real-time reporting, and reduce errors for your attendance tracking needs.

Cloud and Mobile devices

In-person and virtual meetings

Create beautiful registration forms

Design custom namebadges

Generate surveys/evaluations

Robust reporting