For Professional Development Programs / Continuing Education, OSHA Employee Compliance, Church / Chapel Service, Sorority / Fraternity meetings and others.

"Taking the work out of your paperwork. And the paper. And the pen."

i-Attend attendance tracking software is designed for school, professional development programs, events and conferences.

i-Attend is a modular-designed software allowing users to mix and match various functions to form a complete solution for your attendance needs. This adds flexibility and better access control for our clients. The top navigation in i-Attend represents the various modules available to clients. It is very easy to navigate and use - we promise!

Learn more about i-Attend by viewing our documentation.

i-Attend captures attendance accurately

Events Module

Add, Edit, Delete, Upload, View, Search your Events

The Events Module houses all your events. You can create your events using the event form or upload your event data using a pre-formatted csv template. You can create a one-time, all-day or recurring event. Classify an event as Public or Private (requires attendee registration), assign instructor, event category and room. i-Attend has a built-in Point System where you can assign points to an event, and your attendees will earn those points automatically on attendance.

Attendance software for your classes, events or workshops

Attendees Module

Add, Edit, Delete, Upload, View, Search your Attendees

Add or upload your attendees using this module. If you require additional meta data for your attendees, add them with ease using User Defined Fields (UDF). At any time, you have the ability to ADD, EDIT and DELETE your attendees. We designed the application to be flexible yet very powerful.

Upload or add attendees

Mark Attendance Module

Check-in or Check-out Attendees to Events

i-Attend supports RFID Readers and two types of Barcode Scanners. Barcode Keyboard/Wedge and Barcode Batch Scanners are both supported. Use this module to Check-in or Check-out if you are using RFID or Barcode Wedge devices. Use your existing badges or create name badges for authentication.

Use RFID or Barcode Wedge readers to authenticate attendance

Manual Attendance Module

Adjust Attendance Times Manually

There are times when you need to adjust time entered / not entered by attendees. This is module where you can modify or even add times for events.

Adjust attendance for past events or classes

Batch Attendance Module

For Batch Input

If you are using a Barcode Batch scanner, upload your data using this module at your convenience and accurately capture attendance.

Use Barcode Batch scanners and upload your attendance

Certificates and Distribution Module

Create custom Certificates for CEU credits

With this powerful module, i-Attend saves you a TON of effort and time in organizing training events, tracking CEU credits and creating certificates for your attendees. i-Attend has a built-in point or reward system that allows you to assign points to any event.

When a participant attends this event, he/she automatically earns the point(s). Use this as credits for attending, use the certificate module to create CUSTOM certificates for your attendees. Let i-Attend automatically distribute your certificates via email and the Attendee portal where they can download the certificates themselves. All of these in a single application! It saves you time, effort and money!

Create and distribute certificates for CEU, CME, CPE

Evaluation Module

Create custom evaluations for your events or classes.

Make evaluations or surveys for past events. Use feedback from your attendees to better your events in the future.

Create evaluations or surveys for your workshops, classes or events

Website and Online Registration Module

Public URL for Event Registration

This is a very powerful module. Have your events published on your website so your attendees can register at their own convenience. Some of our competitors charge extra (a TON!) for the ability to create your event website and registration page, we simply include this powerful feature as part of your subscription. YAY!

Create custom website and online registration tools for your events

Reports Module

View or Download Report Data

Select from numerous reports that you can view or download data.

Run reports online or download to excel

Name Badges Module

Create Name Badges or Name Tags for your Events

Create custom Name Badges for your Events. Choose different Avery formats like 2 badges per sheet (Avery #5147), 6 badges per sheet (Avery #5392) or 15 badges per sheet ((Avery #5366). Include logos and images on your badges. i-Attend also supports single badge printing using 3" x 4" labels.

Included in your subscription is the ability to create custom name badges for your attendees!

Conference Module

Make registration easier by using the conference module

Group your events under a single conference. Include this conference in your registration form and watch your all events listed automatically on your registration form.

Configure your environment in i-Attend

Email Module

Send our emails to your attendees

Get in touch with your attendees via email. You can send them reminders about upcoming events. Provide more information to participants about their meetings. Include name badges on email which you can scan for attendance. This module definitely helps managing your events and more!

Configure your environment in i-Attend

Settings Module

Configure i-Attend

Maintain Rooms, User Defined Fields, Event Categories, Users and Roles - to your specific requirement. Powerful!

Configure your environment in i-Attend
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