Attendance Tracking Software
for Professional Development Programs, Continuing Education,
OSHA Safety Compliance, Sorority/Fraternity meetings,
Church / Chapel Service, or any events that require
Attendance tracking, Attendee Registration,
Evaluations/Survey, Certificates and Name Badges.

Cloud and Mobile Solutions

i-Attend, an attendance tracking software, is available 24x7, 365 days a year. All you need is a browser and you have access to all features. i-Attend comes with two mobile applications (i-Attend Mobile Capture and i-Attend Mobile TAP) designed for mobility and enhanced user experience.

RFID or Barcode/QR Code

To track attendance for your continuing education, conference or meetings, i-Attend supports RFID or QR Code authentication mechanism. Use your existing badges or create new ones using our Name Badge module.

Online Registration Forms

For events that require attendee registration, use the Website and Online Registration Module. This module provides you the ability to create beautiful registration forms for your events so your attendees can register online.

Name Badges

The Name Badge Module allows you to create custom name badges for your attendees. Include a QR Code or Barcode on the badge and print on Avery preformatted forms.


Gather feedback and data using our Evaluations Module. Create surveys and distribute to your attendees.

Certificates of Attendance

Design and distribute certificates to your attendees using the Certificate and Distribution Module.

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Track attendance using multiple devices!

Desktops, laptops, iPads, Tablets, iPhones and Android phones
i-Attend Cloud and Mobile

With i-Attend, you can trust that your attendance records are organized, secure and easily accessible. Plus, its scalability ensures it will grow with your organization as your events become more complex or popular. Take the hassle out of managing your event attendance with i-Attend!

i-Attend's cloud-based platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, meaning you don't need to hire an IT professional to set it up. Its features include:

  • Streamlined registration process
  • More than 20 reports and data extracts
  • Ability to scan and validate badges for accurate attendance tracking
  • Customizable Name Badge design and creation
  • Design your own Certificates
  • Gather feedbacks via Evaluations
  • Mobile apps for in-person and virtual attendance tracking
  • Automated emails and alerts for improved communication with participants
Make attendance tracking easy, fast and secure with i-Attend! With its multi-tenant, single code-based platform and software-as-a-service delivery, i-Attend is the one-stop solution for all your event and continuing education programs. Forget about time consuming data entry, illegible signatures and security concerns. Say goodbye to manual errors and cheating. With i-Attend, you can easily, securely, and accurately track attendance at events, continuing education courses and meetings. Spend your time on more productive tasks - with i-Attend's advanced automated attendance tracking system!

Mobile App to Capture Attendance using Name Badges

Available for both iOS and Android devices

i-Attend Mobile Capture is a mobile app that works in conjunction with i-Attend Cloud. You can download and install the app from the Google Play Store (for android devices), or the Apple App Store (for iOS devices).

Make sure that all your data (events, attendees, badges, users, etc) are all setup correctly in i-Attend Cloud. i-Attend Mobile Capture provides you the ability to capture attendance by authenticating via QR Code, Barcode or RFID.

You need wifi or internet connectivity to sync data from the cloud to your mobile device and then again from the mobile device to the cloud. You do not need wifi or internet access while capturing attendance it is designed to work offline.

For your Online or Virtual events

MINIMIZE PHYSICAL CONTACT in capturing attendance

This mobile app allows your attendees to safely and accurately check-in to online or virtual sessions using their mobile devices. This process is available using the Self Check-In app or the Cloud. This process is SAFE since you are minimizing physical contact. Very easy to use!